четвртак, 01. децембар 2011.

Muted soundtrack of my childhood.

I've been in a really shitty mood these days. I guess because of people in general. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hater or anything, in the contrary, I can say for my self that I'm generally nice to everybody. These past few weeks have been really difficult. So, Sunday came. I called my most favorite male model (the only male model) to come because I have an idea that I wanted to try out. He came literally running. We had lots of fun, and we ate a lot also. xD 
I developed a new technique (I can't believe that I just said that). So, the first two photographs you see here weren't edited at all. I played with the light a lot, and we moved a lot, because we were running out of light, but it was fun and I had a blast. Enjoy the photos and comment :)

недеља, 20. новембар 2011.

Nikola from Orea Modeling Agency

I have never photographed androgenus models. I will get to know him sooner or later and hopefully learn how to photograph his unusual features. Then next time I will photograph him in my studio and use all my creativity on him. I don't want to tell you anything more.:D

понедељак, 14. новембар 2011.


Have had a photoshoot with my dear Dunja (her deviantart account).
I did something very unexpected of me. I took a risk and shot only with my Yashica 635, without taking light readings from my digital camera, but using a light meter. It turned out amazing and I almost cried when I saw the photographs printed. I had no idea that the photographs would turn out so beautiful.
We got up at 5am and started preparing. We finished with the shoot around 8am.

I'm sorry that quality is so bad. I didn't have good scanner, but I'll do it eventually :D

If you love me, why am I dying?

I had a wonderful day with my friends from the graphic design department. A photoshoot.
A specific one, to be exact.
I've had this idea for a long time. It came to my mind one night, when I suddenly woke up, around 2 or 3 am. I jumped out of my bed and scribbled something on the paper next to my computer and returned to bed.
It was actually a memory from my childhood. A memory of my mom telling me and my sister that we shouldn't bind each others arms (because we always did that sort of stuff) because we'll die. I know it's kinda creepy but her mom used to tell her that, and her grandmother used to tell to her mom.
So, I did my version of that story.
A story of two sisters that were bonded. And the sisters who died because of that bond.

All we know is falling

Please don't take her away

If you love me, why am I dying?

субота, 22. октобар 2011.

Other voices

I've been thinking a lot about my next projects lately. I need to make something unique (well, as unique as it can be) and something very personal, something that will come from my deepest secrets, fears, words.
So, a friend of mine told me about Ingmar Bergman and I discovered that I am very found of his work and that I can actually relate to it on a different level.
So I am starting a new series called Isabella's room.
That is the only thing you will know about this. Everything else is up to your imagination.
I am having very little free time because I'm a student at the academy of arts and I don't have that much time.
I can only work for myself only on weekends.

A sneak peak of the series is the only thing you will get.

Cries and whispers. 

петак, 30. септембар 2011.

3 days with Mother Russia.

Well, my friend I was talking about in one of the previous posts came. Dorothy Dew.

How do I begin to explain Dorothy Dew?

Dorothy Dew is flawless.
I hear her hair's insured for $10,000.
I hear she does car commercials... in Japan.
One time she met Amy Lee on a plane...
And Amy told her she was pretty.
One time she punched me in the face... it was awesome.

Ok, enough joking around.

She came to my house after a whole day of nerve-breaking situations, such as money and time and people of course... And when she finally came we didn't waste any time and started taking photographs. I was quite tired from the last shoot because I've been working the whole night and couldn't sleep through the day.

We made incredible photographs. And then I got my well-deserved sleep.

The next day came the 50's shoot, since I've had lots and lots of clothes. We've made lots of great photographs despite the fact that I though that she wouldn't be able to do the expressions, emotions and everything, since she is a glamour/fashion/fetish model... But she did and I was truly impressed.

And the next day we went in the outskirts of my town and made beautiful photographs in the nature with minimum make up...

Take a look through our work and enjoy. :)

среда, 21. септембар 2011.

She's Not There

A lot of shit happened yesterday. Some were wonderful, some where bad.
I got up at 5am. I had a shoot with my most favorite model, Dunja ( Dunja's deviantArt profile).
A few days ago, I was going through photographs of my favorite photographer, Richard Avedon and I decided to do a 50's shoot. The trick was finding the right clothes.
I remembered that my friend might have some of those clothes, since her family likes vintage clothes, elegant clothes and has very much appreciation for the arts, and they are all artists.
Well, I got in touch with her and her mother indeed had everything I needed. She gave me coats, hat, necklaces, bags, sunglasses. Everything she had. And she had a lot.
Then she told me a story about her grandmother. Her grandmother was an elegant woman. And one of the few things she remembered was that she had a huge closet filled with all sorts of hats, and most of them were in those old hat boxes. I was really fascinated with that. And there is really something special when someone tells you those kind of memories. I really enjoyed that talk.
I packed everything that I could and I headed to town. At 5am.
I payed for the bus ticked, but it led me somewhere I have never been. I was lost, with very little money, a lot of clothes and my equipment. And it was dark.
Then I walked, walked and walked until I came to man and asked him where is the closest bus stop. He explained to me and in 20 minutes I was in front of Dunja's apartment.

When we started shooting, it started raining. We were a bit sad in the beginning but we struggled through it and made wonderful photographs. :)

Listen to this while looking at the series... (Yann Tiersen - Naval)