уторак, 28. август 2012.


I miss the autumn so much.
I'm going to need to dedicate more of my time to my fashion portraits. I'm sensing that I'm falling to deep into my personal work, so I need to balance it out a little bit.

Model: Nina

Stunning girl. Can't get enough of her face.


понедељак, 13. август 2012.


Here, in the eleventh hour I decided to turn everything in black and white. I didn't see this clearly in the beginning and I'm grateful that eventually did, even though I posted a color version. This sums up my whole summer. The feelings, the sadness, the pain. 
Try to enjoy.

петак, 10. август 2012.

Untitled women

The title of my life project perhaps. I was thinking about this for a very long time and I finally grabbed my camera.
I started this project this summer I think with my family, the women in the family, but hopefully I will move on the others. I want to hear their stories through these portraits. I consider it sometimes a secret only the two of us know of.