среда, 21. септембар 2011.

She's Not There

A lot of shit happened yesterday. Some were wonderful, some where bad.
I got up at 5am. I had a shoot with my most favorite model, Dunja ( Dunja's deviantArt profile).
A few days ago, I was going through photographs of my favorite photographer, Richard Avedon and I decided to do a 50's shoot. The trick was finding the right clothes.
I remembered that my friend might have some of those clothes, since her family likes vintage clothes, elegant clothes and has very much appreciation for the arts, and they are all artists.
Well, I got in touch with her and her mother indeed had everything I needed. She gave me coats, hat, necklaces, bags, sunglasses. Everything she had. And she had a lot.
Then she told me a story about her grandmother. Her grandmother was an elegant woman. And one of the few things she remembered was that she had a huge closet filled with all sorts of hats, and most of them were in those old hat boxes. I was really fascinated with that. And there is really something special when someone tells you those kind of memories. I really enjoyed that talk.
I packed everything that I could and I headed to town. At 5am.
I payed for the bus ticked, but it led me somewhere I have never been. I was lost, with very little money, a lot of clothes and my equipment. And it was dark.
Then I walked, walked and walked until I came to man and asked him where is the closest bus stop. He explained to me and in 20 minutes I was in front of Dunja's apartment.

When we started shooting, it started raining. We were a bit sad in the beginning but we struggled through it and made wonderful photographs. :)

Listen to this while looking at the series... (Yann Tiersen - Naval)

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  1. Svi misle da kiša zapravo zna da upropasti fotografije... To po meni nije istina...
    A i Dunja i ja znamo da odaberemo 'najbolje' dane za fotkanje. xDD

  2. ove su mi fenomenalne! a jel te sesire mogu i ja uzeti za neko snimanje :))) gde si radio ovo uopste??

  3. Ti šeširi su pozajmljeni od jedne moje drage prijateljice, starija je žena, a i vratio sam joj. Ovo je u Novom Sadu, sve na trgu...