среда, 07. септембар 2011.

Series with couples.

Well, I've been watching a lot of romance movies, classics, full of drama and everything... So, I've decided to do a series with couples. Everything will be done in the breaking dawn or sunset, and it's gonna be sometimes full of love, sometimes pain, or happiness.
I have planned only four photographs so far, and that needs to be done till the next Thursday because I need to make a presentation with 20 photographs to the Photography Club of Vojvodina. It's gonna be pretty hard, but I think I will get it done.
These are the titles of the photographs, and I am posting this because I want to show a glimpse of my vision to all those who are interested in my work... :)

-I have built my life around you.
-You taught me how to miss you.
-Shadows collide with people.
-Never let me go. (This one was inspired with one of my favorite movies ever, Never Let Me Go)

Beside that, I'm drawing to an ending my series called 'Water'. I just need to get one last project done with one of my close friend and favorite model, Dorothy Dew. (My photographs of her: 12)

A lot of work ahead, but wish me luck.
Best wishes. :) 

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