недеља, 20. новембар 2011.

Nikola from Orea Modeling Agency

I have never photographed androgenus models. I will get to know him sooner or later and hopefully learn how to photograph his unusual features. Then next time I will photograph him in my studio and use all my creativity on him. I don't want to tell you anything more.:D

понедељак, 14. новембар 2011.


Have had a photoshoot with my dear Dunja (her deviantart account).
I did something very unexpected of me. I took a risk and shot only with my Yashica 635, without taking light readings from my digital camera, but using a light meter. It turned out amazing and I almost cried when I saw the photographs printed. I had no idea that the photographs would turn out so beautiful.
We got up at 5am and started preparing. We finished with the shoot around 8am.

I'm sorry that quality is so bad. I didn't have good scanner, but I'll do it eventually :D

If you love me, why am I dying?

I had a wonderful day with my friends from the graphic design department. A photoshoot.
A specific one, to be exact.
I've had this idea for a long time. It came to my mind one night, when I suddenly woke up, around 2 or 3 am. I jumped out of my bed and scribbled something on the paper next to my computer and returned to bed.
It was actually a memory from my childhood. A memory of my mom telling me and my sister that we shouldn't bind each others arms (because we always did that sort of stuff) because we'll die. I know it's kinda creepy but her mom used to tell her that, and her grandmother used to tell to her mom.
So, I did my version of that story.
A story of two sisters that were bonded. And the sisters who died because of that bond.

All we know is falling

Please don't take her away

If you love me, why am I dying?