уторак, 26. март 2013.


So, a lot of time has passed since I've posted anything here. Feels like nothing important has changed but in the contrary, everything did.
So, I call this blog entry introspection because this is the term, assignment, call it whatever you want to what has been occupying my life in the couple of months that have passed. Okay, the Academy of Arts here in Novi Sad has arranged a group exhibition for the photographers that are attending it. It was a great deal. I was excited about it, very excited, because I didn't understand what this meant. 'the act of looking within oneself.' 


This thought haunted me for two months.
I even gave up a few times before it hit me.

In December, the 26th I made a decision to change myself both physically and mentally so I could actually deal with this thing called introspection.
In the following weeks after that decision I was writing down things that I wasn't ready to talk about with anyone. Family business, private thoughts, fears, desires, things that I'm ashamed of and things that have hurt me and scared me. I started making photographs that were an interpretation to those things.
I decided that I should do a big book for the exhibition that would contain photographs and inserts from my diary. The book will contain mostly original prints and contact sheets made by myself in these past months.

I call the book 'The Black Book of Alienation' and I have divided it into four sections: '1. Life, 2. Family, 3. Death, 4. Love'.

1. Life
-Let go
-'My Mad Fat Diary'
-Endless summer

2. Family 
-an unFamiliar portrait #1
-an unFamiliar portrait #2
-an unFamiliar portrait #3

3. Death
-Cigarette butts and piano lessons
-The land that I once called home

4. Love
-Guitar picks scar bodies
-Intimacy in us, intimacy in others

These are the titles to the story of my life if you could call it that.
I will give you a glimpse of the Family section.

The exhibition will be held sometime in May, I think, in Novi Sad in the 'Factory'. I will give full details once I learn them.