среда, 28. март 2012.

what's left of the rain

I'm feeling like I'm slipping somewhere very dark in my life at this moment and I'm trying my hardest not to break away from myself. I did not want to share these photographs with anyone for a longer period of time because I wanted to take some time and look deeper into myself and turn that darkness into a series of photographs called 'Rain'. 

Broken lens.

Well, the title says it all. I won't be posting my work because of this for a longer period of time.
I am devastated right now and I hope something good will come out of this. It has to.

субота, 17. март 2012.

Pieces of dreams.

I was looking forward to shooting these two girls. They are studying painting at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad.
Had a rough day. Week perhaps.
This cleared my head and calmed me down for a while I guess.

понедељак, 12. март 2012.


I love it when spring comes and the warm sun starts shining. My work gets a whole new perspective from it. I'm starting to realize how much I actually love every season of the year and how much it affects my feelings.
Enjoy the photographs of my dear friend Jelena.

уторак, 06. март 2012.


I'd say this is a typical morning in my house. The most beautiful light is at 6.10 in the morning. My grandma and I are always awake in this time.
My mothers room. She is at work now. And my sister is sleeping. 
I can hear Yann Tiersen's music from my room. 'Summer 78'. 
Don't know why, but I wanted to share this. 
I'm more than happy in this moment.

Also, my mom and my grandma at sunset in our backyard. 

понедељак, 05. март 2012.

A day with friends.

We shot together this day. We got kicked out from a location. We ate, we drank coffee. We watched Funny Face.
Done with Yashica 635.

недеља, 04. март 2012.

The other side

Here I am again with new photographs. I've been working non stop in these past three days. Today I shot with a new friend from my high school. He is a singer/performer/actor. His name is Nebojša Vlaškalić. Our famous singer Aleksandra Kovač composed a song for him because he was her best student this year.
Remember his face, because he is going to be one of our best singers one day.
We did some promotional photographs for him.

Enjoy... :)

субота, 03. март 2012.

A different experience.

Have you ever had a moment that changed your viewpoint on things completely?
Well, I had it yesterday, on my photography class where our professor showed us the work of the amazing Guy Bourdin. I can't say that his work had more impact on me than Avedon's, but it is close.
I can say that my fashion work from now on is not going to be my usual boring self, but something more controversial, dangerous, with a lot of aesthetic elements I told you about in my previous posts.
I arranged a shoot with a friend and I wanted to do it in a studio, so we did that.
And here I am, trying my best with studio light setup (which I know nothing about).
Enjoy something different.