уторак, 27. новембар 2012.

XX Chromosome

In the past couple of days everyone have been asking me what is this XX Chromosome thing I've been working for. Well, I must tell you, I have never crossed on something as this. It's a team of people I've been given a chance to work with and they are creating professional modeling books and they're aiming big, huge. I was their photographer of course. We have been shooting for three days for eight or nine hours and it was wonderful. You will see a preview of the work we've done on their site and Facebook page. The model I shot is called Marija Mandić, and she is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever photographed and I will continue to do so throughout the year.
The designer for the book is Sanja Šajatović Čežek, and she is absolutely brilliant, I must say.
The book is now in post-production and will be published in December, or January if everything turns out right.
I shot with my Yashica and spent 12 rolls of film. The photographs came out perfect.
I can't wait to see the book design!! :)

Here are some of the promo photographs that were published for the past few days...

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