субота, 17. септембар 2011.

Night with Nina

Well, she's a model in training, sort of speaking... She told me one day when I asked to photograph her that she would like to become a model. I said that that is fantastic, but when she stepped in front of the camera she stiffened. She was only a pretty face. Nothing else.
But... there is always 'but' in these situations. I talked myself into trying to make her a model, to teach her how to pose, behave in front of the camera. To do high fashion poses, to do beauty, action photographs. It was rough, but she struggled and finally succeeded. I was utterly happy with everything we've done last night, and this morning. She finally came out as  model. Oh my God FINALLY! It was about time, since we've been working together since December.
We drank lots of coffee, we ate french fries, we laughed and watched Final Destination 5 (which utterly sucked, pardon my french.)
Here is the result of tonight's training. :)

In the morning we've done some shots inspired by Avedon's haute couture sessions in Paris after WWII. 

I have to thank my dear friend Ana Rodić and her mother for letting me use their clothes and accessories. You saved my life. And I really hate 'hunting' clothes for my messed up and complicated shoots. 

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