четвртак, 01. децембар 2011.

Muted soundtrack of my childhood.

I've been in a really shitty mood these days. I guess because of people in general. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hater or anything, in the contrary, I can say for my self that I'm generally nice to everybody. These past few weeks have been really difficult. So, Sunday came. I called my most favorite male model (the only male model) to come because I have an idea that I wanted to try out. He came literally running. We had lots of fun, and we ate a lot also. xD 
I developed a new technique (I can't believe that I just said that). So, the first two photographs you see here weren't edited at all. I played with the light a lot, and we moved a lot, because we were running out of light, but it was fun and I had a blast. Enjoy the photos and comment :)

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